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KX3-MACH Hobby CNC MillMilling Machine CNC
The KX3 is a blend of SX3 parts, plus some new ones to make a from-the-factory turnkey CNC machine. They use the powerful SX3 BLDC motor and have one touch oiling. The Z and Y stepper motors are both mounted in the rear. N34s for X and Y are overkill. A pair of N23 381s will drive these axes faster. I would redesign the Z stepper mount. It causes several inches of lost lower Z travel, but with a tall vise, it may not be needed.
The spatter pan is just about useless for flood cooling--You WILL need an enclosure and motor cover to do serious work. Removing the useless chuck guard and tweaking the limit switches should give much more X Axis travel.
These are distributed by Hau Mau. No one seems to know whether they are made in Taiwan or China. Some are better bargains than others. I have heard no complaints about any of these machines, while hearing TONS of complaints about Sieg/Syil brands.

I believe Grizzly will eventually market a DIY bare-bones version of this mill--No electronics but CNC-ready--for under $2000.
The Novakon company is tops in support. They also supply top-grade Gecko electronics and the stand is included in the price
I have heard no complaints about either the Company or their products. On the con side, their shipping price from Canada is rather large. I recommend the Novakon. Would have posted a pic, but their website won't allow pic copying.


If the 20% off coupon would apply, this would be the lowest cost unit. $3995 and no shipping cost with store pickup. You could afford to scrap the Chinese controller and buy Gecko--But the coupon may not apply to this special-order rig--Worth a try though.
Harbor Freight: 

Harbor Freight no longer sells this mill, but the manual below is still available and it has an excellent section about Mach3.

LMS is an excellent company. i'm sure their support would be excellent. Eventually, they may carry parts in stock. 
Little Machine Shop

I have heard bad things about Smithy support. They also have the highest price.
This doesn't always download quickly.
Harbor freight manual:
Smithy was the first to import/sell this machine. They had the first, easily-available online manual.
Smithy 622 manual: 

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